Waiting for the Edge

After sitting on the fence for what seemed like an eternity, I finally bought a Garmin bike computer.  Based on what I thought I needed, I bought the Garmin Edge 500 from good old Competitive Cyclist.  I have been using a very basic Sigma Team BC1106 since I resumed cycling in 2008.  For a long time I liked the simplicity of just knowing my elapsed time, mileage, and speed, but over the last couple of months I started thinking that a more comprehensive computer might help me get a little more focused in my training.

I need some motivation.  I love to ride and enjoy passing the miles, but sometimes I just need something to get me out of the house and out of my own way.  Here’s where I thought the Edge could help.  The ability to track my physical metrics as well as being able to download maps of my rides seems like something that will stoke my fire at times when I need a kick.

The Edge comes tonight and I will be waiting patiently for the UPS guys to get to my house and leave it for me.  It’ll be hard for me to open it up and have to wait until tomorrow to get the first ride in.   As far as new technology is now concerned…I’m all in!


One thought on “Waiting for the Edge

  1. I love my Edge! I got the 800, mostly for the ability to see maps while I ride, and to navigate. After having it a couple years, though, my favorite thing about it is being able to see maps after I’ve finished my rides.

    I’m sure you know already about uploading the files to Garmin Connect or Strava. If you’re good with a computer, though, you can go far beyond this. I have a satellite map of my region, with a blue line for each bike ride I’ve done since I got the GPS. It gives me a sense of accomplishment to see my state get filled in with blue lines, to see the 7 mountain passes I’ve been over, etc. Huge source of motivation.

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