Starts and Stops

The last weekend in February was a good one.  My rain/winter rig was finally completed and working properly.  The temps were now in the upper 40s and low 50s.  My need to ride was also supported by my wife who said “you’re more present after you ride anyways” and bid me adieu.  First of all, my winter rig, which is my 2009 Specialized allez that I threw some 25c tires, tiagra shifters, and SKS raceblade fenders on, rode like a dream.  The water, sand, and grit that covered other cyclists I saw didn’t trouble me a bit.  Breathing deeply and observing the slow change of seasons along my normal training route was very comforting.  I realized that between the weather and the new addition to the family I hadn’t ridden since new year’s day.  It had obviously been too long however my fear of blowing up on the side of the road quickly dissipated as my legs got back into their rhythm.  The only sounds were my breathing and the hum of my tires on the moist pavement.  Although the time between my rides can be agonizingly long at this stage in my life, it’s good to know that my bikes stand at the ready when I need them.