Damn it’s been a long time.  I keep meaning to get after it and blog it up, but I somehow get away from it.  Locked in a deep freeze here in the northeast, I feel like a caged animal.  I try to get out more than most people at the office, but the reality is sometimes you just have to stay inside. Inside time is normally a hard thing for me to handle. These last couple weeks I have been occupied with thoughts of a former creative outlet: Bull Dozer

It’s been over a year since my band, Bull Dozer, has practiced or performed. After making three records and playing countless shows all over the east coast, we just decided to hang it up. The bassist, K Beans, got married in December 2012 and my wife and I had our second kid in November 2013. Somewhere along the way we lost the stoke. Lately though, I have been getting the itch again. Song lyrics and chord progressions have been popping into my head and I feel as though I’m ready to get the band back together. The one issue with re-starting the band is that I don’t feel like being Bull Dozer anymore. I want to play with the same guys and play similar music, but I want a fresh start. Here’s hoping I can convince them to change our name/thrust when I actually put the reformation plan back in order.